Tuesday, February 21, 2006

a week

another week, another series of mostly usual events. Last Thursday was a totally rad day. primo weather and a long ride that allowed me to get a nice set of sunburned arms! yea, i know my fair skin self shouldn't be jumping up and down because my skin always burns to a crisp, but we're talking February! the pic doesn't do it justice, these were some bomb tanlines by brent bookwalter Feb. standards!

My bday was also this past thursday, the BIG 22. Thanks a bunch for everyone that called, wrote, posted and sent their bday wishes to me. spent a little time this past weekend doing combined bday celebrating for me, my roomate Jesse and Teamate Wes, all who are having their cake day this month. speaking of cake, my girlfriend made me a rockin dirt cake and even put it in a flower pot with flowers!

It seems like everyone on campus is sick, the plague must be going around. i'm staying clear as best i can hoping to dodge it. school has been wicked hard too! Chem test and zoology test in a 2 day period. my brain is mush. Just about done with the "base" phase of my training. for the most part its went well and i've made some solid progress, but i am psyched to get racing. I thikn i'm gonna give er a go this weekend in Greenville, SC at a couple of RR's. A BIG congrats to my teamates who brought home the first victory for the "Priority Health" cycling team this past weekend at the Valley of the Sun Stage race in Arizona. Our new man, Tom Zirbel took home the TT stage win and overall honors! A few more weeks and i'll be out in Cali rippin it with them for a solid block of the early NRC races. Giddy up.

I hope everyone's been reading up and or watching the Tour of California race coverage. Sounds like a top notch race with a wicked deep field. Good luck to my bud Taylor who is 3rd right now in the best young rider comp.

i'll try to post the first race report type post, after this weekend.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006


"USADA is dedicated to preserving the well being of Olympic sport, the integrity of competition, and ensuring the health of athletes." i agree with this mission as much or more than anyone else out there, and will do whatever i can to help the fight for clean athletics, especially with cycling. its too bad there are dishonest, no good scum of the earth cheaters out there who wreck it for the rest of us and force all of us clean riders to go through a bunch of extra precautions. recently i was requested to enroll in USADA's OOC (out of competition) testing program. I think probably because I spent some time with the national team last summer and am now "fully" in the books with USA cycling and am in part being supported by them while I am racing with the national team. I have no problem being part of such a program, as i said and truly mean i would do anything to help the fight for a clean sport, but being enrolled in this program is a bit inconvenient and time consuming to say the least.

4 times per year I have to submit a form that has detailed and specific info on my whereabouts. this doesn't mean, "oh i'll be at school" or "i'll be at home" or "i think i'll be training with my teamate in GA". This means, what days i'm traveling, where i'll be staying, where i'll be training while i am there and lots of other info all of which has to be submitted months in advance. this is so the USADA testers can find me at all times if they want to conduct an out of competition drug test or just desire a cup of valuable urine. not a huge deal, but how in the heck am i supposed to know what hotel or host housing i'll be staying at 3 months from now, much less where i'll be training while I am there? yea, i can submit updates but that calls for another additional night of sitting at the computer or filling out paperwork. I wonder if my teachers would consider that a quality excuse for not writing a paper or studying for a test??

In other news, we're almost to the week countdown till the first race of the year down in Greenvile SC the last weekend in Feb. training has been rolling along per usual. one last nice day tomorrow before winter comes back to smack us once again, just in time for the weekend. happy late vday to everyone. oh, i was surfing blogs per usual and found a cool link on my former teamate, Garret Peltonen's site. check out his site, then check out this link for a few stellar audio file interviews by the one and only top notch cycling announcer Dave Towle. A sweet 5 min. blurp of yours truly from cross nationals is just a short scroll down the page.

i'll leave you with a pic of casey, our dog at my mom's house. she's a sweetie. i think i shoud bring her down here so people can see that dogs don't have to be savage beasts that eat cyclists.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

nice donkey

I met two ass' today. nice little fellas.
the drive pavement of yesterday was brutally destroyed last night as the snow and slush began to fall. by this morning it was full on winter and time to saddle up on the mountain bike for a backroad excursion. solo. pleasant and peaceful climbs on snow covered dirt roads, as well as a few miserable and wet pavement descents. brrrr, those were cold but it brought me back to those days when i used to train in the MI winter. i'm not sure how i did that. anyway, here are a few pics from today.

the slush tried to eat me, but i managed to escape.

now thats better...
sweet place for a chimney.
i was getting sorta warm, so i stopped for a swim here
one for the mom..
are you buzz lightyear??

Thursday, February 09, 2006


I recently noticed my pagecounter hit "1000"!!!!! so thanks to everyone who checks in on my happenings. i realize most of the page views are from scott, clara or myself; but i'm glad there are a few others out there who enjoy "keepin it real" as a healthy distraction. lots of the usual going down in banner elk. winter has delivered a swift roundhouse kick to our faces the past few days. full on snow, wind and chilly temps. this past Sunday, Clara, Scott and Myself ventured out of the mountains to the Winstom-Salem area where it was sunny and about 20 deg. warmer than B.e. it turned into an awesome day, we ran into my team director, Mark Olsen and his Wife Sheryl who just happened to be down in NC for a couple weeks of MI winter relieft. Totally crazy to run into them, but it worked out great and was way nice to catch up with them. Today I had to drive a bit to ride once again, this time a solo trip to johnson city, TN. The typical "don't know where i'm going" ride but it was sunny 5 hrs. with dry roads so i'm a happy camper :) Have you seen the new E-caps catalog?? I think there are a couple different versions of the cover, but here is the "best" looking one......

It's ME!

thanks to the guys at E-caps/hammar nutrtion. if any of you ever need any vitamins or supplements, check em out and say i reffered you, they'll give you a nice 15% off!

jesse saw the catalog and is already practicing for their 2007 edition. any form tips for him????

Saturday, February 04, 2006


its saturday and the weather has turned to full on crap. 40 and rainning right now, with snow and cold temps as far as we can see in the future. good thing i opted out of zoology yesterday to pound out some miles and allow the sun to hit my bare legs one last time for a while. i found a bitchin new climb, 40 rpms and some serious power output just to make it up. turned to gravel at the top too!! suckiest part about the ride was definitley riding through Boone. If i ever say I'm gonna move to a big city, i hope all of you kick me in the teeth to remind me of my extreme disgust for traffic and stoplights. walnuts and bananas in pancakes is the recipe for this morning. happy late bday to scott stewart who turned 19 this past thursday. dang i feel old. i haven't shaved in a few days, first out of laziness and then for the thought of winter protection. it might be time to make it happen though. check out the latest issue of velonews for a write up on my homie, ex-roomie and linebacker turned cyclist, Taylor Tolleson. we've begun our preperation for our collegiate race here. it should be another doozy filled with sick amounts of climbing and some sketch decents. here's a pick from last year....