Friday, December 29, 2006


Buon Natale e auguri! or somthing like that. I'm in Sicily right now. With Clara and her parents. having a swell time. a few pics of the area. plenty more to come. but remember, Europe hasn't discovered the internet yet.

Clara's mom loves stray dogs. and we learned that stray dogs like power bars!
I think I rode out there...
A beautiful lady and a beutiful view
Not sure what was going on here. looks like an Italien sausage fest to me.
Mount Etna. a volcano, and a biggie.
Ciao for now

Saturday, December 16, 2006

signed, sealed, delivered

I'm yours.

4 years of college, degree. in the books. Finished up on Tuesday and it feels good. Not amazing or earth shattering in any way, but it is nice to know I accomplished somthing which I set out to do over four years ago, or even 16 years ago, depending on how you look at it. Life as usual right now since everyone is on break between semesters, but i'm thinking I'll be super psyched come next fall when i don't have to buy books, show up to classes and convince my teachers its cool if i Come back a month late.

On to the present... Congratulations to my wonderful girlfriend Clara! The 2006 women's Collegiate Cyclo-Cross National Champion! (thanks to scott jackson for the pic) I had to make the announcement on here because cyclingnews seems to think the u23/collegiate women's events aren't quite newsworthy, at least immediatley following their race. Brilliant riding by the entire LMC women's team to kick the weekend off. They went 1,2,3 in the collegiate division and had 7 girls in the top 15. Pressure is on the men for tomorrow. Whatever happens, sounds like a great weekend of CX racing. i miss it.

Layin low the past couple days. Robbie King is still kickin it here and I have another guest roomate in the skinny MI kid while Sheedy is up in Rhode Island. My knee has improved a bit, but it is still not great. Rick and I made the executive decision to take some more easy time. As much as it kills me to do so, especially with this dreamy weather , it is the best thing to do for now. i don't wanna be nursing this thing through base season then have it blow up once i start racing. Easy, short rides. not what i want to be doing but what has to be done. Went hiking today, a solid change of pace.

I'm lookin forward to next Wed. Off to Italy to spend Christmas and New Years with Clara and her Family. I sure will miss seeing my family over the holiday, but I'm excited to check out a new place, minus the racing which usually accompanies any travel I do. Looks like I've hit blog quota. Ciao for now.

check out our sweet tree.
sugar mtn had some start of the ski season firework show tonighthiking??