Saturday, July 14, 2007

Round 2

Just over 2 weeks into the second go with my leg, and the days of the longest summer I've ever experienced are still continuing to pass. Some of the days are just passing by slower then others!!! I've decided that if you ever want to really savor "time" or are scared of that "where did the time go" phrase, you can either A) Induce yourself into a large amount of pain. B) Do nothing but lay on the couch or in bed. or C) Both of the above for really making time stand still. (may cause temporary or permanent insanity).

The good news is that the surgery went well. Doc's were pleased with what went down and say there is no reason now that my tibia should not really begin to kick into gear. Out came the erector set...
And the finished product....A few less days in the hospital this time around helped my cause, not to mention being at home. No one likes spending time alone in a hospital room, so my brother Taylor brought me someone to keep me company. she was quite the trooper, just standing in the corner day after day. A few of my friends finding that "brent on high amounts of pain meds" was a solid source of weeknight entertainment.
The only hicup with round 2 thus far was the discovery of a small amount of infection from cultures taken during surgery. It was suspected that the type and size of infection found was perhaps just a contaminated culture, but since we are dealing with a non-union fracture and one which required hardware, we leave nothing to chance. that means.... massive amounts of sweet antibiotics for about 6 weeks!! which in turn means i get to walk around with this lil buddy sticking out of my arm for the duration of the antibiotic injections which I have to do daily. Other then hooking up for those infection destroying sessions, I've been doing what I can to keep my mind busy and the body from fully going to sleep. Of course plenty of DVD/TV action, luckily the Tour is on now. Kinda hard to watch guys doing what I'm missing so much, but it knocks out a chunk of the day. Dabbling in a bit of reading and continuing to make up for the lack of time I've spent in the "homeland" over the past couple years. No swimming this time around since I can't submerge the above apparatus in the water. Bummer! The leg is looking good though and I begin some therapy next week to get my knee mobility back. I thought I had stiff legs after a long flight, but 2 weeks with no knee movement has made me realize what real stiffness is!

more whenever I sense the days starting to roll by a bit faster

Here's to "seeing the forest, not the trees." thanks to BR for that one.