Monday, June 25, 2007


I've been staying somewhat busy lately. Filling up my days with whatever I can and generally continuting to improve. Less pain, more mobility, more crutch time, all good things. Unfortunatley, the bone in my leg isn't following the same trend. I got the word last week that there is still little to no healing around the main fracture area. 11 weeks + no bone callous = surgery. I never really did like math, and I don't like that equation, but that's the fork in the road that i've come to and it's time to bite the bullet and go to the next level with my recovery. Thursday is game day. At least this time I will be close to home and in an english speaking environment! Plus, I don't have the issue of my bone EXPLODING right before surgery to factor into the equation so it won't be so bad.

Game plan? remove current plate/screws, drill a hole into the top of my tibia, gather bone shavings from inside my tibia, pack shavings into fracture site (circled in red), and then pound a LONG nail down the length of my tibia and secure it with screws. at least they will be using adult construction equipment this time and not pieces of erector set like before.
Sounds like 1-2 days in the hospital followed by a return to my pro couch surfer lifestyle. A true pitty since I have been working hard and making progress at moving in a more active direction. Mellow kayaking and some beech time have been thrown in the mix latley. Neither are very crutch adaptable. The river has already claimed one crutch and the sand almost ate another. Yes, I still can't shake those tanlines or my mid section paleness. Is it genetic?...
The pool has become a daily routine. Still a rockin release and great way to get the heart rate kickin, but I don't know how triathletes do it. how could you truly enjoy swimming after you have experienced the beauty of the bike? Other than that, kickin with with a few of the MI homies and trying to make the most of my longest stay here since I was in high school.

Oh, USADA dropped by the other day. I haven't raced in 3 months, likely won't be racing any sort of bike for at least another 3 months so its a good thing they felt it necessary to collect some of my urine. There are races all over the country right now going on with no control, so I guess I just have a hard time understanding what they are doing having some guy (a nice chap by the way) drive hours to come visit me. Don't get me wrong, I would drive a few hours to hang out with myself and watch myself pee in a cup, but seriously, right? time and dollars better spent elsewhere?

before i forget... A big CONGRATS to Scott Stewart and my VMG/National Team boys for bringing home the "best young rider jersey" at The Nature Valley Grand Prix last week. This kid has been a cat 2. for like 12 months and scored his first pro/1/2 road race victory recently racing up Roan Mtn. in Tennessee. Now he's baggin leaders jerseys at NRC stage races. more big things to come from this skinny kid.

Enough for now. I'm accepting luck, thoughts, prayers, energy and anything else positive which will help with the surgery/recovery routine. I'm sure my blog will be getting more action in the near future. until then...

stay away from those light poles.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

"The best way out is always through"

I like it

8 weeks since my lightpole encounter this past Sunday. The big news on the medical/healing front is that there really isn't any big news. My last xrays were takin about a week ago and provided some encouraging news and also some not so good. bad news first? the gap or void in my bone where the fracture was the worst is still there and unfortunately showing very little or no sign of improvement. The good... the fractures which extend up towards and into my knee joint are still stable and are showing good signs of healing. game plan... wait for another couple weeks until we hit the 10-12 week point. If there is still no sign of some serious bone healing around that gap, its time for a bone graft and some new hardware instillation. Grow bones GROW!!!

The most noteworthy news as of latley is that I'm no longer "boycotting my upper body" (c/o chris saxton). yes, thats right. workin those guns. mostly in the pool. I've been loggin some solid pool time which has done huge amounts for my state of mind and overall well being. Having the heart pumpin and lungs gasping never felt so good. not only is it bueno for me, but the swimming also provides the bored lifeguards with a healthy dose of laughs as I flail through the water. you try swimming without using your legs!

I'm still staying somewhat in the loop in the cycling world. Gotta throw a huge congrats to my teamate John Devine and the entire national team for scoring a couple huge victories for the team in Spain and France the past couple weeks. Even though it kills me to not be there for and with those guys, its still really inspiring to get word of their success.

I was bummed to hear about another cyclist get whacked by a lightpole last week. In case you hadn't heard, Andy Jacques-Maynes took a tough spill. I don't know Andy very well, but after just going through some similiar tough spots as he's going through right now, I can feel for him. Check out his getwell blog and send him a shout of encouragement, even if you don't know him. It really does help to know others are thinking about you and sending some positive energy your way!

no pics. yea, thats lame. soon though.

ciao for now.