Wednesday, January 23, 2008

been a looong time...

and just like that, I'm back in the blogging world. Plenty of good excuses for my absence. All kinds of exciting developments in my world since my last post. Walking, standing, riding, new team. Boom shaka-lacka Here's a few of the highlights, in attempted chronological order...

Even though i wasn't quite cleared to do so, I started dabbling in the bike riding thing towards the end of September. Also kicked things off with an amazing new lady in my life, Ms. Jamie Dinkins :)

Headed to Indianapolis to take part in the rockin wedding of Jake the Snake.
We all broke it down "freestyle" but were no match for the slithering of the snake on the dance floor. check those guns!

Made it back to NC just in time to celebrate Mr. Sheedy's /the roomates bday. He got a singing reindeer and won't stop raving about the thing that it does with its tail.It was supposed to be a surprise party so we hid out in the kitchen. 30 minutes later and we were still waiting for him to walk inside.

Not too shabby of a place to be once the colors start changing

boo ya
made a trip back to the mitten. Was actually kinda stoke for my first road trip since my crash, but the novelty wore off about an hour in.

celebrated a bday with my bro taylor. yea, he's 17 and rockin a sweet stash.

Even grandma made it back to kick it. Wow, it feel s good to be standing on two feet!!!

Back to Banner Elk to spectate and cheer on the LMC crew at Collegiate MTB nats. MI boy and LMC freshman Mike Anderson stormed to the Mens D1 STXC title. Shizam!!

Sunglasses were mandatory after dark. Teamin up with former roomate "Balls Hayes" for a wicked pasta feed at the banquet.

Carved a couple Pumpkins with Jamie. Mine is the tough looking one. you know, because I'm... ok, whatever. Sheedy didn't have a pumpkin so we set up a golf ball and candle for him. At least it was round, right? Back on a road bike and loving every minute of it.

Riding + Jamie = Smiles

My first summit of Roan Mtn. since March.

Back to the great lakes and the mitten for Christmas

Did I really train here a few years ago???

more solid times with the fam.

Then out to Cali for a way overdue week of hanging with former roomate, current teamate and first rate homie Taylor T.
Diggin the west side.Ok Taylor, you win. the riding out there is rad.

Finally the long awaited kickoff to the '08 season with Team BMC at training camp. We look good eh?

Black is the new white

Super stoked to be part of such a great team. The full sha bang!
fortunately, i think my tt setup will be a bit faster than Taylor's.

That's all for now. more to come if there are still people reading it???