Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Good enough?

Sunday was 5 weeks. 35 days, no bike, no walking. Its going ok though. I have 3 good doctors in the loop now and just over a week ago we came up with the game plan of "wait and see". not the most comforting approach, but the CT scan came back as good as could have been expected and all 3 docs are thinking and hoping that the hardware in there will be "good enough" and that the bones will start to heal. Swelling-minimal, mobility-good, incision healing-very good, bone alignment-good. 4 really positive things going for me, so hopefully now the bones will start to knit back together and everything will stay lined up!

here it is....how does it look to you??? and how, did my fibula not snap in 2???

I'm doing my best to enjoy or make the most of my idleness, but I still find myself pulling my hair out every now and then. fortunatley, i've been moving and grooving a little more every week. Crutch time is up to a few minutes now, and I've made it through the past week without the wheelchair in the house at all. I can drive!!! no major trips, but just getting out of the house and having some freedom does wonders for the mind. Scott S made the drive to the east side last week to cripple-sit me for the day, and Clara was here for a few days last week. It was great to see her, catch up a bit and take my mind off the obvious. as for this week, its looking forward to xrays on Friday. the newest daily activity is hooking my leg up to a bunch of wires and "watching it heal" ultrasound on the bone and E-stim on the quad. HEALED!

I know its getting old, but I still gotta say THANK YOU to everyone who comments, emails, calls, visits, prays and wishes me well! I'm excited to return the support at some point.

ciao for now