Thursday, September 21, 2006


All done. game over. Not a great ride, but threw down what i had. Good write up and a few quotes at Velonews.
Congrats to the US ladies!! Amazing riding and an honor to be on the team with such top notch competitors. In other news, I had my first "competition" blood test yesterday. Vampires showed up at about 8am and i was one of the lucky ones to give them some of my blood. A few south americans weren't allowed to race because there hematocrit was too high from their blood tests, but mine was nowhere near that point. actually over 3 points lower then what it usually is. guess i need some rest.

Doing what i can to help out the team over the next few days, as well as trying to enjoy myself a bit before i head back to the gauntlet of schoolwork which awaits me. US Elite TT'ers baldwin and Zabriski roll out in a few hours so be sure to send them a tailwind!!

Thanks to all for the thoughts, prayers, love and support!

Ciao for now

Monday, September 18, 2006


i suppose 10 comments on my previous post warrants a new update. no recap on the recent haps, just the here, just the now.

Arrived in Salzburg, Austria today for the road world championships. I race the TT on wed. no RR for me. I've had a little flare up with my knee over the past week and there are 3 other great guys slotted in for it. Steve Cozza and I are the crew for the U23 tt and John Devine, Craig Lewis and Tom Peterson will be reppin the red, white and blue for the RR.

I flew my first "Ryan Air" flight today. a sweet euro budget airline that i've heard much about. not bad though. So far things here are rolling along. I'd say about half the American team has showed up and i'm sure the rest will be rolling in over the next few days. i'll take a gander at the course tomorrow.

the door to our bathroom has a big window in it. there is a cupid painted above our beds, and there is also a rotating mirror which allows you to look into the bathroom (through the door) from the bed. weird.

Friday, September 08, 2006

what time is it?

A fine picture to display what is happening around here.
Racing this weekend. Wish me luck and leave me some love.