Tuesday, November 11, 2008

For Ed, Scott and the dudes at Bell's MTB

Turns out this blog thing still does work.  As I tell my parents, no news is good news and all is well.  Since the last post and finishing up Utah, I blitzed through the rest of the season.  Uspro RR and Missouri.  Settled into the off season for 3 days and got the last minute call to go to Italy for World's.  Caught some plague while in Belgium before the race, but still a great experience and one I hope to get a crack at again.  From there, it was onto my new home base of Chattanooga, TN.  Plenty of off season adventures, moved into my new dwellings, Jamie time, Halloween, hiking, mtbing and the usual hoodrat things.  Its been swell.  Bout time to get back on the bike.  Hence the update!  You know, blog pictures are better than facebook pics....

From the top.... missouri 

Mike sayers.  doing the pro thing.  completely screwed.  mvp.  retired.  an honor to have been on the same team with him.  
belgium.  again.  plague.
but Italy is niiice
not my day
where i be kickin it
scoping the new area
what?  we can go hiking?!  YESSS
man builds fire
collegic shenanigans
michigan.  lmc.  reppin
I'm her biggest fan

halloween.  no buy costume policy
vo2 intervals
solo hike equals weak pictures
but good views
tis the season