Saturday, April 28, 2007

"that's a bummer"

Almost a week since I made it back home. Really good to have the trip overwith, and also nice to be home around a supper supportive set of family and friends, but I still can't get away from the fact that my leg is busted up in a big way.

Not much going on here. This week has been spent figuring out how to navigate our house on crutches or in a wheelchair. Sick amounts of tv and internet, along with some healthier reading and even a few visits from the local support team. Each day by itself doesn't seem to go by too slow, but when I think about a week or a month as a whole, it starts to look like a rougher go. The order of the day and this entire process seems to be just staying positive, which i'm finding is tougher and tougher. I never realized how mentally and physically dependant I was on "going, moving, rockin, ripping and riding around". Still, everyone that I've talked to who has been through similair says the mental approach is key and I have to do whatever it takes to stay positive and not dwell on the brokeness.

The latest and not greatest news came yesterday when I saw the orthopedic doc here for the first time. He took new xrays and took a good stare at them, "hmmmmmm". Then procedes to tell me he's not especially psyched with how the Belgian surgeon put me back together. It sounds like the bone is aligned nicely and it looks ok now, but he's worried about the structural integrity of the hardware he installed and how my healing bones will respond to it. So what does that mean??? Good question!! CT scan next week to take a closer look, but this guy said he couldn't rule out the possibility of having to Redo everything and start from scractch. BAM!! Its mind bending to think about having to start over now, but I suppose we have to see what this next test says. Eitherway, I have to work out a second opinion. These docs just blow my mind sometimes.

I would have uploaded a few pics, but I figured me laying on the couch, or a picture of my computer wasn't exactly blog material. Maybe this week I'll be able to get out a bit more and find some blog fuel.

Thanks to everyone who continues to comment, email, write, call, pray and send their best!!! You are all keeping me kickin! (with one leg at least).

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


bed, chair, couch, toilet, couch, bed, or somthing like that. not the most exciting days latley, but i'm making some small improvments and looking forward to Monday when i get to head home. Its been another eye opening experience learning to cope with my broken leg, but in the big picture, i'm doing alright. i'm able to move around a little with crutches, though i can only take about 2 minutes of being upright before the leg blows up and i gotta take a good rest. lots of elevation and thus, staying in one place. i think thats the hardest part so far. just being stuck. fortunatley, i have a good team of guys helping, not to mention the team mom Els. I'm also dabbling in a little physical therapy. I can move my knee to about 90 degrees now and am doing everything i can to retain a small amount of muscle.

Bjorn and Walker on standby to give me a hand. thanks guys!

stop shrinking!!!!

ouch! quite the sewing project if you ask me. it has improved a bit from when this pic was taken though.
I had to take a pic of the sweet hospital meals. i think this was dinner maybe?
getting ready to leave the house for my lest race without metal in my leg.
I'm hoping to get outside today. Els found a wheelchair for me, so I'm hoping to be tearing up the streets of izegem. If any of you know where i can get a set of D's for the chair, let me know.
Thanks to everyone who continues to write, call, comment and pray!! I can't tell you how much it helps!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

plates and screws

Its been a week. A pretty rough week. I'm still kickin though and on my way to recovering. A few pics to get it going. I'll shoot for a full report soon.

Thanks to everyone who has called, prayed, emailed, thought and taken care of me.