Wednesday, April 18, 2007


bed, chair, couch, toilet, couch, bed, or somthing like that. not the most exciting days latley, but i'm making some small improvments and looking forward to Monday when i get to head home. Its been another eye opening experience learning to cope with my broken leg, but in the big picture, i'm doing alright. i'm able to move around a little with crutches, though i can only take about 2 minutes of being upright before the leg blows up and i gotta take a good rest. lots of elevation and thus, staying in one place. i think thats the hardest part so far. just being stuck. fortunatley, i have a good team of guys helping, not to mention the team mom Els. I'm also dabbling in a little physical therapy. I can move my knee to about 90 degrees now and am doing everything i can to retain a small amount of muscle.

Bjorn and Walker on standby to give me a hand. thanks guys!

stop shrinking!!!!

ouch! quite the sewing project if you ask me. it has improved a bit from when this pic was taken though.
I had to take a pic of the sweet hospital meals. i think this was dinner maybe?
getting ready to leave the house for my lest race without metal in my leg.
I'm hoping to get outside today. Els found a wheelchair for me, so I'm hoping to be tearing up the streets of izegem. If any of you know where i can get a set of D's for the chair, let me know.
Thanks to everyone who continues to write, call, comment and pray!! I can't tell you how much it helps!!


Chris "C2" Perham said...

BBizzle, heard about the metal in the leg, Real sorry. I'm sure you'll be back on the bike ripping my legs off in no time.

Get well soon bro,

iamTedKing said...

Spinners. Definitely get spinners for the wheelchair. You'd soon become the biggest pimp of Izzy.

Scott said...

Sheldon looks like hes ready to throw some d's on it

Shannon said...

Hey Brent...It's Shannon from the broken leg site. Just thought I'd see how you were getting on with that...thing! Keep elevating and icing. I got on a trainer today for the first exercise since my break (us speed skaters like to cycle for cross training). I'm sure you won't be too far behind!

Can't help with the boredom. I took up knitting!

Good luck! I'll be watching for your name.

Danielle said...


I'm really sorry to hear about the leg. You'll be back in no time. Hang in there!!!

dick lansing said...


Carleen and I just read the article in VeloNews about you. Quite impressive!!
OK,a broken leg. Just a little blip (well crack) in your career. You'll come back stronger. Listen to the therapists, the encourage them to give you more to do. Keep up the good spirits. Wishing you the best and a speedy recovery.


BlackBird Images, Inc. said...

Hi Brent,
Sorry to hear about your injury; the Pri Health guys told me about it. This week is the Tour of VA, took some photos of the first day, if you get bored and want to check in on your old team:

Take care --

BlackBird Images, Inc. said...


That'll work juuuust a bit better.

BlackBird Images, Inc. said...

Okay, no it won't. For some reason the url keeps getting truncated... add a "1" to the end of the string (so it's id=91).

Brent Bookwalter said...

Thanks for all of the support everyone!!!

Dick.... I'm curious about the velonews article you mentioned?? i haven't seen anything. which issue??