Friday, December 30, 2005

morning... sorta.

usually i update this diddy before callin it a night but Today!!! MORNING!! sorta. i just woke up so that qualifys. chowin down to some cheerios mixed with cinamon toast crunch. brings back caf memories. still haven't ridden since cross nats. moms getting married today. i get to walk her down the aisle with my bro and light some candles or somthin. how long do christmas trees stay up after the big day? ours is still up. Also, who is gonna buy my bikes??? too bad people don't read this to find out i'm selling them. headin up north for some skiing tomorrow. maybe there will be snow up there. 20 days without the sun here. i thought that only happened in antartica. i've never heard of "global darkening" before so it must just be fabulous MI.

pick up the new velonews. they finally put a rad guy on the cover. i pulled down a pint sized quote in the cx nats write up. brings back memories of that race. hmmmmm.

Merry New Year

the classic will return. Jan. '06

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


i was told by my buddy aram, an experienced blogger that blogs should be random. I had lunch with Bob Hughes today, the man that owns Advantage Benefits Group (One of my sponsors). what a guy. champion. its 12:30 now. still not sleeping. tv. internet. points, I love points. Is there anything in this world more valuable than points? Dick Tracy, that is a bomb movie. i watched it tonight. some trippy colors in that flic. i've only had coffee like once in the past 2 weeks. how messed up is that. guess its detox or somthin. thinkin of doing an ecaps order, bout that time to start giving my body what it needs and creating the spendy urine. oh, a correction from my profile courtesy of my boy Taylor. "i'm just a little kid from the big mit" the big mit is MI. maybe i'll update that. skiiing tomorrow????

guess that food. i ate it

Sunday, December 25, 2005

merry christmas. even to pirates

Dec. 25=Christmas!!!!. I've experienced 21 of them, all of them splendid times with the fam. did the gig at the moms house and the gig at the dads house. some solid presents. i think the fishing waiters that my step mom got me take the cake, guess i have to start fishing more. also pulled in some new socks and underwer. hanes boxer briefs size md, black and blue.

Grandma is comin in tomorrow so it will be christmas again! Feelin fat and pudgy, but i'm not gonna step on the scale for another few days. Aram is riding like 30 hours this week, Ed did like 21, clara is proly around 17. my riding hours read "goose egg" feels bomb.

Code Red Pirate Watch

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Where is the snow?

Isn't it a rule that it is supposed to snow for christmas when you live in a bung cold place like MI??? or at least some sun? maybe we'll get lucky tonight, although I doubt I'll be dreaming of a white christmas. I prefer to dream of other things, like Clara. here's a pick of my fabulous girlfriend. Most of my day today was spent talkin to her, thinkin of her and wishin I was with her. she is it Italy with her family, being fabulous and beautiful per usual, standard operating procedure. I'm not sure why this text is coming up as a link? man computers can be dumb!

Clara is my blog buddy, along with my rippin fast teamate scott "skinny" stewart. we've all caught the blog bug and have begun to waste countless hours talking about our uneventful days. check em out... and... under construction like my own, but assured to reach rockstar status in no time.

went to church tonight, then to the bros girlfriends house. eventually i'll get pics up of my brother as well as the rest of the cool notable people. Whats up with the group of 4 guys at our church singing some country version of a song, not even a christmas song?? the last memo i got said country music wasn't all that rad, especially in church. I'd imagine Santa is gonna come soon, so I better head to bed. I hope the real santa comes, not the one that smells like beef and cheese. SAAANNTTAA!!!!!

What's a christmas graham? I want one!

Friday, December 23, 2005

christmas eve eve

somehow i managed to add a counter to this blog contraption. i figured that was essental because there's gonna be so many people hittin me up, it will provide me with security and a feeling of self worth. tryin to get a pic of me up by my "personal info" but my superb computer skills can't make it happen. this is day number 13 without any real physical activity and I'm loving every minute of it. maybe i will break the streak next week. whoever is the first one to see this page, you better leave me a bomb comment.

Has anyone seen the sun lately????

Thursday, December 22, 2005


It must be that time of the year when i actually get a few weeks to do nothing if I've found time to create a "BLOG!!" i'm guessin there will be like 5 lucky people who will read this over the next few months so I'll try to keep it classy. Any pro bloggers wanna enlighten me on what to do???

brrrr, its cold outside