Friday, December 30, 2005

morning... sorta.

usually i update this diddy before callin it a night but Today!!! MORNING!! sorta. i just woke up so that qualifys. chowin down to some cheerios mixed with cinamon toast crunch. brings back caf memories. still haven't ridden since cross nats. moms getting married today. i get to walk her down the aisle with my bro and light some candles or somthin. how long do christmas trees stay up after the big day? ours is still up. Also, who is gonna buy my bikes??? too bad people don't read this to find out i'm selling them. headin up north for some skiing tomorrow. maybe there will be snow up there. 20 days without the sun here. i thought that only happened in antartica. i've never heard of "global darkening" before so it must just be fabulous MI.

pick up the new velonews. they finally put a rad guy on the cover. i pulled down a pint sized quote in the cx nats write up. brings back memories of that race. hmmmmm.

Merry New Year

the classic will return. Jan. '06

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Clara said...

Brent..can you expand on this question in your next blog? Why do men feel the need to have mustaches? I'm watching Dr. Phil and I can't stop thinking about it!
Next time we talk it will be 2006!! the year for the winners to shine! thats you and me buddy ;)