Monday, January 02, 2006


The new year hoopla has come and gone, along with the rest of the holiday season. always seems like a big build up for just another day. still some good times though. did some skiin at boyne and watched my friends huck and hurl themselves into the air. somehow i managed to stay on the ground thanks to Noel's voice in my head (come on Booky, time to get serious). little bit of a bummer to not be the skiier i used to be, but cycling=sacrafice right? I'd like to find out who or what stole the sun becaues it definitley no longer exists in MI. Man, I'm flippin tired. less then a week before its time to head back to NC. I'll miss the MI crew but I'm psyched to see the suspects in banner elk, and am also pretty stoked to do some training. congrats to my mom who got married this past friday. i offically have a full set of step parents now. BIG news on the team front. my team here, Advantage Benefits/Bissell just pulled in a new and rather large title sponsor that looks to be a great fit with the team. so new name, but still the same great roster and organization that has been set up for 2006. more news to come on that. my rooms a mess, i better look into cleanin it up.

anyone wanna buy a bike?? FELT and GIANT FOR SALE