Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The mitten

Another day of standard operating procedure in the mitten. still no sun and i'd be lyin if i said it wasn't starting to crack me. rocked out to a plush 12 hours of sleep last night. oh! I shaved my legs last night for the first time since cross nats. they were beginning to look a little too similair to the legs of chewbaca, so it was time to smooth em out. plus its almost time to startin dialin in the training so its fitting. yes, cyclists are an odd breed. I rode my bicycle today! felt nice to get outside and move a bit, i think my body is a little happier. it better be, because its about to get a lot of it. I heard a new biggie song on mtv today. do they have old sound tracks of him rapping before he died?? thats the only thing i can figure. there seems to be a little monster that has creeped into the back of my throat and made it a little sore, but hopefully another good night of sleep will kill him. i looked down there with a flashlight, this is what he looks like.

The image “http://wwlibrary.org/MAIN/Kids/monster.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.


Clara said...

wow, that little guy is the same one that hangs out in my room when i'm gone and messes it up!! I can never catch him. and now i hear he's hiding in your throat. hmmm

Scott said...

little body monster! What a good idea for a kids book!