Sunday, January 29, 2006

i live out there, so don't go there

I've been tryin without much sucess to pound out some zoology notes. WOW, this stuff is boring. The sun is coming out so it looks like i might rethink my idea of an off day and head out for some healthy active recovery. yesterday was rad. we had a rockin group ride of about 10 riders, all of varying abilities, head out on the 5 hour Iron mountain loop. I have to say i was impressed with such a large group making it through a ride like that. kudos to lmc cycling. i even got to pull down the knee warmers for a good bit and maximize my sunshine absorbtion. giddy up! no camera on the ride but here's a lovely post ride pick of yours truly.... yes, i take pictures of myself. just for your enjoyment though. haha.

i just found an old bag of carrots in my fridge. not sure what the shelf life on carrots is, but they seem ok. on other news, i'm doing a load of laundry, "whites" as we speak and i also just renewed my license plates online. hot dang, thats productive.

i hope by now you've all headed to and checked up on our fellow Americans at cross worlds. congrats to the juniors on what looked like some solid riding. what most people don't realize is how incredibly HARD it is to actually race to your full potential at the World championships. my sympathy goes out to Mr. Troy wells. apparantly he got crashed while riding in 5th by some Swiss punk and broke his elbow as well as both carbon wheels on his bike. the amazing part of it is that he somehow went on to finish before heading to the hospital. that takes some GUTS! I gotta say I'm pretty happy that I decided not to petition my way onto the worlds team. If selected, it woulda been great to work with the awesome American Team over in Europe, but i think the costs would have outweighed the rewards for me. plus, its been really nice to just focus on training the past few weeks.

ok, i've said enough. ciao.


Clara said...

mega hot stuff!!

Heyo Chronicles said...

you so crazy, i want to have your babies.