Friday, January 27, 2006

they got him

Friday at last. i'm stuck in class till 2:00, missin some plush sunshine. hit up the coffee shop during the dead zone today and had a delicious matte latte. two more days of riding and then i get a few rest days to recover before making the last push through my base phase. i rode the Roan Mtn. loop yesterday, one of my favs and a solid 5 hours. The team here is having a "goal" meeting tonight so we can all get on the same page and start crushin some heads when the racing season begins. I gotta say one of my top team and individual goals for the collegiate season is to defend our Team Time Trial title. that event is dang painful, but its such a beautiful art when it comes together like it did last year at nats. sadly, my 3 TTT companions from last year have all moved on so we'll be starting from scratch, building from the ground up with a solid set of new guys who i'm sure will impress. here's what we're gunning for.....
On a more serious note, the code red pirate (coach Doug Owen) watch that was issued in December has been temporarily suspended. Looks like they got em folks!!!!

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ryanmcross said...

brent you bad ass.

i was thinking about coming to check out LMC in a month or so. Wastern just isn't doing much for me.