Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Get a Leash!

Crammed in a ride today between classes. ventured out on a short section of buffed out dirt road. I was almost turned into dog food. these pups are usually agressive, but today they were out for blood. I delivered a swift and sturdy kick to the face of the brown one, He didn't eve FLINCH! yea, just kept chasing a lunging at me. i inreased speed and finally shook him, but gollllly he was a pain in the arse. you gotta wonder what kinda treatment from their owner makes a dog behave like such a useless beast?

Here they come!
Thats the one that got a size 45 Carnac in the face. He's a sturdy fella.

had to wear tights today for only the 2nd time since i've started training. can't complain there. yesterday i did my first race specific preperation. intervals? sprinting? time trial? no, no, and no. I unrinated off my bike while riding. gotta tune up those skills before the long early season races. I managed to empy the bladder and not even splash too much on the shorts, all while never stopping. I think i'll have some fine form with a little more practice. also got my power tap working. knock on wood. maybe it will work for more than 2 weeks this season.
my eyes need rest. i spent the last hour looking at protozoa in a microscope. don't you wanna be a biology major??

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