Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Dead Zone

Well its Wed. and that means my class schedule is crap supreme. sweet chemistry from 9:30 to 10:30, then zoology and zoo lab from 1:00-4:30. who does that?? UGH! the time between is basically "the dead zone". not enough time to do anything cool or productive, but too much time to just sit on my arse idol.

WAIT!!! whew, productivity achieved. just got a call from the coach "Mr. Rick Crawford" what a guy. mvp. discussed the upcoming training a bit and just caught up. of course usacycling and noel's national team program were brought up. apparantly a few kids at fort lewis just dropped outa school to be race with noels program. thats a great opportunity and I hope it goes great for them, but I also hope they did it for the right reasons. It really sucks to have to make decisions like that based on fear, pressure and intimidation. that seems to be an inreasingly large aspect of the sport the more I progress, decisions, decisions decisions. its really hard to make the right ones for the right reasons when there are guys out there who abuse their power and pressure developing riders.

well enough of that, I hope i didn't step on anyones toes. just the thoughts in my head at the moment.

after a couple dreamy days of riding, old man winter has kicked me in the teeth. wind, snow, clouds and cold temps were the recipe for this morning. looks like today will be my first roller base hours for the year. i hope for sanitys sake there won't be many more. what happened to my core workout muscles? I attempted some abs and such this morning and it seems all those muscles have disolved.

this is what i see when i step outside....

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