Monday, January 23, 2006

monday and deer

gotta love mondays. class all day and my first chemistry lab. does a biology major really need chemistry?? ugh, i suck at this stuff. i'm taking the 2nd semester of a two semester chem. course. the kicker is that i took the first semester 3 years ago when i went to grand valley. yea i know, brilliant idea brent. so to say the least, i'm a little behind and my mind is already wacked! today was definitley one of those days when i had to keep reminding myself it was a good idea to be going to college and trying to race bikes at the same time. Training has been goin solid though. did a solid 11 strong group ride yesterday and managed to avoid the rain for all but the last 20 min. good thing my new Ridley has stealth mode. By the way, my teamate Wentworth did some research on the model of my bike "Damocles" and the EPIC Sword that is painted on the top tube. The Greek story about the sword of Damocles goes to exemplify the idea of "why don't you try walking a mile in my shoes" as to say the lives of others aren't always as glamerous as they seem. Wow, that is a pretty solid quote for a cyclist. wouldn't you say??

Thanks to my mom's new husband Jack and his superb hunting ability, Jesse and I ate some tasty deer meat last night. after eating it my stomach began to rumble and then all of a sudden BAM!! check out this pic i took when we were done eating. maybe Jack shoulda left him in the woods.


WentiSummisMom said...

Big Sherm and I think that this is by far the BEST blog yet!!! Bravo and hats off to Brent!!

Scott said...

That's hilarious!

frank said...

who'd you have at gvsu for chem? i remember, back in the old days of course, taking organic chem and having robert smart as my prof. he used to take us out drinking. i recall one night in particular that we did lots of tequila shots at the b.o.b. with bob.