Saturday, January 21, 2006

Jesse wins!

Time for an update, which usually means its a bad day to ride outside. My roomate Jesse "balls" Hayes doesn't let that stop him. he's loggin some solid trainer miles today. i get to listen to the hum of the trainer and him sing along to songs of "Caddyshack" look at that form!

I made the call yesterday to take an off day today. the legs were a bit tired on the bike yesterday and I have my weekly hours in the bag. had a cycling team gathering up at Danny's place last night. the usual cycling shin dig but not a bad time. even threw in some hacky sack for good measure. We had a recruit with us last night too, fast mtb kid named Kyle Hemmaker. good guy. hopefully we didn't scare him away. My boy Taylor and my teamate richie are racing the track world cup in L.A. this weekend. right about now they could be bleading out of their ears and filling their body's with poisen. hope all goes well for them. not sure what to do with myself today. probably continue the everlasting process of cleaning up my room, sleep some more and maybe hit the grocery store. the tour of my phat pad continues today with our freshly cleaned kitchen. wanna come over and cook us dinner?

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