Friday, January 13, 2006

check it

take a look. this is my latest project. A "Astue PC Desk" is the precise name I believe. It was a grand christmas gift from the dad. that catch was that I had to fully assemble it. yea, I'm not sure how it happened but its together. A sturdy metal frame complemented by a beautiful fine grain wood. I'm counting on it to yield countless hours of productive studying.

The riding has been dreamy the past few days. overshot my weekly hours a bit, but couldn't help it with the shining sun in the sky. mr. ipod has been my loyal companion, along with a few choice teamates. more stellar group rides to come i'm sure. I'm tryin to get an independant study so i can drop this oil painting class i have. you may ask how can it get easier than oil painting? well the fabulous world of "independant studies" can often fill that requirment. they're calling for snow tomorrow. jesse and i are on our way out the door now to build a sweet dome over banner elk so we can still ride. i'll let you know how it turns out. here's a pic of my new noble stead before its maiden voyage. pretty hot for a training bike.

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conniezinger said...

Brent, your desk looks Great! Do you want me to ship your chair or will the ball work?
Love You,