Monday, November 20, 2006

From the sidelines

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plus I have a few pieces of eye candy from the UCI cross race in Hendersonville this past weekend. Watching cross makes me realize how much I miss racing it. Yea, when your out there your wondering why you would ever subject yourself to such a massacre, but there is a certain beauty to being on a cross bike and rippin through mud or layin a nice arc through a grassy corner. I miss it. trying to keep the eyes on the future though and get my knee healed up. It was still great to watch Clara, the LMC kids and a handful of others I hadn't been able to catch up with in a while.

Clara in cool down mode.
NC state champ John Hamblen put up a brave fight the first day.....
but was tag teamed by these two. they clearly ate their wheaties for breakfast.
the womens field stacked with cheerwiners.
sheedy got the award for most places gained from start to finish.
long sleeve skinsuit!!! oooo la la

Looks like Sheedy, Clara and myself are packing into the 4 runner and heading to MI for thanksgiving. a short trip but will nice to see the family before the whirlwind of training and racing begins.

turkey, chicken, duck, tofurkey??

Sunday, November 12, 2006


the blog situation is getting rather desperate. I've got nothing. well not much at least.

made a quick trip to Park City, UT the past couple days. Had to get my knee checked out. Kudos to Dr. Eric Heiden and Max Testa for taking a look and also to usacycling for making the trip happen. looks like the knee will be ok. gonna start easing back into the pedaling and hopefully all goes smoothly.

I was in the airport thursday and I saw an amazing sight. A guy peeing at the urinal, eating a bag of chips, with both hands. thats the effort and talant i like to see. don't worry, he most definitley made a promt exit, sans hand washing. classy.

my second favorite airport sight was a person running next to the moving walkway, going the same speed as the people walking on the moving walkway. brilliant. good exercise i suppose.

That old man winter dude butted his way into banner elk last night. what a punk. i didn't order any snow. tomorrow looks on the up though.

does anyone still read this?