Wednesday, December 28, 2005


i was told by my buddy aram, an experienced blogger that blogs should be random. I had lunch with Bob Hughes today, the man that owns Advantage Benefits Group (One of my sponsors). what a guy. champion. its 12:30 now. still not sleeping. tv. internet. points, I love points. Is there anything in this world more valuable than points? Dick Tracy, that is a bomb movie. i watched it tonight. some trippy colors in that flic. i've only had coffee like once in the past 2 weeks. how messed up is that. guess its detox or somthin. thinkin of doing an ecaps order, bout that time to start giving my body what it needs and creating the spendy urine. oh, a correction from my profile courtesy of my boy Taylor. "i'm just a little kid from the big mit" the big mit is MI. maybe i'll update that. skiiing tomorrow????

guess that food. i ate it

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Aram Dellalian said...

Ahhhhhhh man! Incorporating the pirate watch!?! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS? Bene Brent, pretty pictures, pirates, and #1 worst thing about not being pro? Having to use the same water bottle for as long as you can until you maybe get new ones. Random. but underneath, dude, it somehow all connects (though very few, if any, should be able to see it).