Saturday, December 24, 2005

Where is the snow?

Isn't it a rule that it is supposed to snow for christmas when you live in a bung cold place like MI??? or at least some sun? maybe we'll get lucky tonight, although I doubt I'll be dreaming of a white christmas. I prefer to dream of other things, like Clara. here's a pick of my fabulous girlfriend. Most of my day today was spent talkin to her, thinkin of her and wishin I was with her. she is it Italy with her family, being fabulous and beautiful per usual, standard operating procedure. I'm not sure why this text is coming up as a link? man computers can be dumb!

Clara is my blog buddy, along with my rippin fast teamate scott "skinny" stewart. we've all caught the blog bug and have begun to waste countless hours talking about our uneventful days. check em out... and... under construction like my own, but assured to reach rockstar status in no time.

went to church tonight, then to the bros girlfriends house. eventually i'll get pics up of my brother as well as the rest of the cool notable people. Whats up with the group of 4 guys at our church singing some country version of a song, not even a christmas song?? the last memo i got said country music wasn't all that rad, especially in church. I'd imagine Santa is gonna come soon, so I better head to bed. I hope the real santa comes, not the one that smells like beef and cheese. SAAANNTTAA!!!!!

What's a christmas graham? I want one!

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Clara said...

I LOVE YOU!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS! You are my favourite present...I get to unwrap at the airport ;) was that inapropriate? oh dear.