Monday, September 18, 2006


i suppose 10 comments on my previous post warrants a new update. no recap on the recent haps, just the here, just the now.

Arrived in Salzburg, Austria today for the road world championships. I race the TT on wed. no RR for me. I've had a little flare up with my knee over the past week and there are 3 other great guys slotted in for it. Steve Cozza and I are the crew for the U23 tt and John Devine, Craig Lewis and Tom Peterson will be reppin the red, white and blue for the RR.

I flew my first "Ryan Air" flight today. a sweet euro budget airline that i've heard much about. not bad though. So far things here are rolling along. I'd say about half the American team has showed up and i'm sure the rest will be rolling in over the next few days. i'll take a gander at the course tomorrow.

the door to our bathroom has a big window in it. there is a cupid painted above our beds, and there is also a rotating mirror which allows you to look into the bathroom (through the door) from the bed. weird.


Lampshade said...

Nice hotel. That bathroom could be the most gay thing that I have ever seen. When they make reservations they should try to keep you out of the honeymoon suites.

Man good luck on Wednesday and just let it rip.

Thor said...

rrrrrrrrrip it, Brent!!!!

and don't watch your teammates go poo.

Cara said...

dang! looks like they thought clara was going to be with you when they made the room selections...

conniep said...

hi brent, cute pictures! love the bed!


sue said...