Tuesday, June 05, 2007

"The best way out is always through"

I like it

8 weeks since my lightpole encounter this past Sunday. The big news on the medical/healing front is that there really isn't any big news. My last xrays were takin about a week ago and provided some encouraging news and also some not so good. bad news first? the gap or void in my bone where the fracture was the worst is still there and unfortunately showing very little or no sign of improvement. The good... the fractures which extend up towards and into my knee joint are still stable and are showing good signs of healing. game plan... wait for another couple weeks until we hit the 10-12 week point. If there is still no sign of some serious bone healing around that gap, its time for a bone graft and some new hardware instillation. Grow bones GROW!!!

The most noteworthy news as of latley is that I'm no longer "boycotting my upper body" (c/o chris saxton). yes, thats right. workin those guns. mostly in the pool. I've been loggin some solid pool time which has done huge amounts for my state of mind and overall well being. Having the heart pumpin and lungs gasping never felt so good. not only is it bueno for me, but the swimming also provides the bored lifeguards with a healthy dose of laughs as I flail through the water. you try swimming without using your legs!

I'm still staying somewhat in the loop in the cycling world. Gotta throw a huge congrats to my teamate John Devine and the entire national team for scoring a couple huge victories for the team in Spain and France the past couple weeks. Even though it kills me to not be there for and with those guys, its still really inspiring to get word of their success.

I was bummed to hear about another cyclist get whacked by a lightpole last week. In case you hadn't heard, Andy Jacques-Maynes took a tough spill. I don't know Andy very well, but after just going through some similiar tough spots as he's going through right now, I can feel for him. Check out his getwell blog and send him a shout of encouragement, even if you don't know him. It really does help to know others are thinking about you and sending some positive energy your way!

no pics. yea, thats lame. soon though.

ciao for now.


kace said...

good to hear your doing well Brent! Keep up the positive attitude! Wishing you the best and fastest of recovery!

Scott said...

I want to see some pictures of you flailing around in the kiddie pool

Anonymous said...

What up man this is your ole roomate Lampshade. I know I haven't caught up with you since your accident but you have been in my thoughts and prayers. Drink milk to get those bones growing big boy. If that doesn't work drink some PBR b/c it will help with gun sculpting and will make incredibly handsome like me.

Man let me know if there is anything I can do with you and if you need my cell # go to the USA Cycling website and you can pull up my #.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brent!

Lauren Trull here. I hope you are doing better. Have a question for you...I went down to the regional junior camp at Furman to help out and ride. There was a kid there, that they call "the champ." His name is Andrew. I hear he is going to go to Lees McRae and is coming up here for a week or so. I talked to him there and wanted to get his #. He is staying at your apartment, right? Are you coming back?? Let me know. And/or give me his number please. And yours. I hope to show him some rides up here.



Monique & Benson's Great Adventures said...

Try miracle grow! Lol just kidding. So glad to be in touch again. I put a link to your blog on my blog. Come visit me!

AJM said...

Hey Brent, thanks for the shout out, it's been three weeks and I'm still all beat up.

I think you can always tell how bad the crash was by how trashed your bike is... if it's broken into seven pieces (like yours, really gnarly, btw) then it could have been A LOT worse. My bike didn't have a scratch on it, meaning all the impact went into my body... and I've got a dozen broken bones to show for it.

yer x ray of the leg with all the screws is SICK! Good thing Els was there to help, she's magic.

Get better soon, see you out there!