Thursday, February 08, 2007

back from Italy, on the bike for a week (knee starting to hold up), off to Salt Lake City for some testing with the new team, over to California for a training camp and finally across the continent to the bahamas. some good, some bad, some ugly, but all in all; everything seems to be moving into the right place.

Of course I've missed some hot photo ops, and only realize this now when i'm looking to post. here's a few from this past week in the bahamas. Off to California tomorrow. just over a week till that kinda big race out there.

The one and only Dave Towle was brought in for our team presentation. ingnore the mismatched helmets.
Team building anyone??
we flew a few private planes to another island in search of better roads. no bike box required.
cyclists + beech = pasty white, tanlines and lots of sunscreen
new sporty sweatshirts. hmm, maybe sporty wasn't the word.
this place has lots of beech
can you get used to the new colors?
come back readers!! i'm still here!!!!


iamTedKing said...

hmmmm, white. I'm not convinced yet. I think I need to see it in person.

Argentius said...

I thought when spider-man switched from the red and blue suit he got a black one? What's up with that?