Saturday, February 17, 2007


the real start to the race season is here. I can't say I'm super amped, particularily focussed or that I'm busting out of my skin to start, but I'm getting there. by the time of my prolgue start tomorrow, I'll be ready to rock.

So far, everything regarding the race is top notch. plush hotel, good food, organized events and a swanky team presentation. I'm sure the rest of the week will follow in the same way.
paul sherwin, dave towle and bob roll gettin the black tie crowd going...

yesterday (also my bday), the team made a day trip to nearby sponsor "Specialized" Cool to meet the people and minds behind the gear we are riding. they hooked us up with some new space age tt helmets so make sure to check the pics tomorrow. We'll be the good looking ones in the spider man kits!
check out the new tt rigs specialized gave us!

not a bad blup on cyclingnews about us. a small quote and pic from me...."It's a little overwhelming and we're all a little anxious," explained Bookwalter. "You think about it all year, but when you roll into the parking lot and see all the teams and all the riders, the magnitude of it kind of hits you. But it's still a bike race and we're all strong and capable riders. I think we all want to leave some mark on this race. We're definitely the youngest team here, but we just want to have an impact and represent and show these guys that we belong here."
smile. its a rainbow.

thats all for now. Wish me luck!!!


Aram Dellalian said...

happy birthday, guy! And are you sure you wouldn't rather do the office park crit i'm doin in a couple hours? hehe...

seriously though, enjoy each second...get some TV time...i'll see you at friday's TT...i'll be the one screaming quotes from "Never Ending Story" at the top of his lungs.

Lampshade said...

Nice interview on Velonews! Keep up the great riding. Sorry for this but Happy Belated B'day!

Huck said...

Good Luck!!!!