Monday, March 05, 2007

i used to read word up magazine

i think that past few weeks (since mid Jan.) have been the longest running "in country" trip I've ever completed. and in Feb!? thats one way to get the cycling season going I guess. Tour of Cali is a wrap. What a race! not the most stellar race from me personally, but a world class event in the U.S. so you gotta dig it. my week in cali was a long one. a brutal awakening after a tough winter of less then stellar prep, but i'm happy to have made it through.

giving what i had left in the tank during the tt...

Back in banner elk now. trying to ward off the last stages of the plague. good to be back in the area. extra good to see the peeps who i hadn't seen in a bit. flippin chilly here tho. the collegiate team is already on a tear with some solid results in the greenville, SC training races this past weekend. Its a bit weird to not be rockin and rolling with them like usual, but exciting for me to hear they are stronger then ever.

The lack of classes is slightly odd too. hence the time for the blog post. odd in a good way i suppose, but I have to say this past week is the most its hit me. now i can look forward to being the creepy guy that graduated and still hangs around!!
A big thanks to Jason Lummis for reminding me how old I am with these sweet blast from the past pics....



Doug said...

Your kit looks like a rainbow.

How did you place?

Now that you have your degree, do you have that big $100k a year job lined up?

Michael said...

Dude! Those are some bitchin photos from Jason. Crap, I remember you kicking my ass on the mountain bike!

Well I've gotten you back in a few races since then, haha!

Shoot me a line before you head over to Europe.

Scott said...

I updated mine, your turn