Saturday, March 31, 2007


2 blog updates in 1 week. that could only mean that I'm in Belgium. Not a bad week though. Lots of the usual, settling back into the routine here. Racing a good ole Belgian style 1 day race tomorrow. St. Truiden Aalst, or somthing like that. every Belgian that i talk to about it calls it somthing different, so I'm not actually sure what the name of the race is. sounds flattish, windyish and hardish of course. should be good to rev up the legs again though. unloaded a few pics from my camera. nothing too fancy but....

sweet belgian terrain from this past week.

The first year guys (19 year olds) did a big u23 race with a strong international field on Wed. They all rode solid. Bjorn after finishing in the front group.
Walker rockin one of the smaller cobbled climbs at GP Waragem.Of course, plenty of canal time this week. One from spain last week. not a bad hotel room view if you take all the sweet constuction away.and another. and a few clouds that i thought deserved a shout.
thats all. Wish me luck tomorrow.


Scott said...

are you wearing a cape in your profile pic?

Brent Bookwalter said...

scott, even you should know that all superheros wear a cape. duhhhhh.

Forrester's blog said...


I just heard about your crash. I hope you are healing fast. We are thinking about you. Take care

Eric Forrester