Sunday, March 25, 2007


here we go. back at it.

the last week or so of the banner elk time was nice. good to be in once place for a bit and even better to finally knock out some decent training. I forgot how much I enjoyed a few of the rides in the area. It was quickly rapped up though, and before I could settle in any further, it was off to Belgium to begin my first Europe trip of the year. Travel day was rather bon considering the magnitude. one layover and no trains, I can dig that.

Hung at the mostly empty house in Izzy for 2 nights, then hopped a short flight to southeast spain to meet up with a good chunk of the crew who had been there for the previous week. Vuelta Cartagena began this past thursday. plush hotel. for the week. and internet at a race in europe? weird. 4 days, 4 stages. its in the books now and i think everyone is happy with how it went. heaps of top 20 stage finishes and 8th and 12th on the overall.

First race I've ever done in spain.Painfullly close to snagging a W the past 2 days. At yesterdays TT they actually said that I won at one point since the only guy with a faster time was initially penalized for hanging onto his team car on the climb. Sweet! oh wait, they changed their mind. 2nd by a close 14 seconds. bunk or rama if the guy really cheated but what can ya do? stage 4 today. a short one, but a wicked profile with 3 stout climbs, especially with these wiry spanish chicos. team rode great and caleb and i hung tough to make a final group of 20. brought home a close 3rd in the sprint with caleb in 5th after a vicious attack in the closing meters that almost held off the field. we're gonna get it right sometime soon. thats the latest. back to belgium tomorrow. 2 more weeks and its to the states for Tour of GA. see you then?


Breezer said...

Apparently the only way to beat you is to hang on to a car. i wish I thought of that. Stellar performance man. keep the wheels and blogs rolling. Later

Andrés F. Cánovas said...

Hi, I interviewed you twice in Vuelta a Cartagena. Congratulations for your performance here in Spain. I hope you have a great season

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joseph said...

keep at it. we'll see you soon.

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