Wednesday, June 18, 2008

get a grip

Good times as of late.  pics tell the story best....

Went straight from Picardie to the homeland for Tour de Leelanau.  Super cool to get a shot to do a hometown race where the entire teams is there.  We need more races like this one in the states. Team rode great and Taylor sealed the deal.  We also snagged the kom prize with the boys lining me up nicely to take top points on every climb.    You can't coach this...

Jamie made her first trip to the mitten and we made good use of the saturday race, spending sunday in authentic northern MI.  

Back to the south.  Unfortunately, no philly week for me this year, but that meant I finally got a shot to hit up the Roan Groan road race and the Settler's Life Omnium which its part of.  Not often you get to finish a local race with a 7 mile climb!!  botched the road race, but snagged a win in the crit and the overall.  former teamate and michigander scott stewart joining me in the post up after we pulled off some nice "unofficial" teamwork. 

Sheedy took a go at his first masters race.  yes, that means 30+.  He handily stormed away for a slick solo win.

Sick nasty heat over the weekend.  Rough for the racing, but perfect for hitting up some of the area's sweet spots....  despite what you see, i'm actually not wearing a white t-shirt in this pic.  and yes, we took a flying leap off the waterfall in the background :)  

Jumped in the truck for the brutal drive to Michigan.  The drive was brutal has usual, but I can happily say I finally have all my junk out of storage in the LMC bike room.  Only took me 18 months after graduating.  Anyone interested in beefing up their collection of garage sale items??

The reason for the trip?  My first rate homie from high school, Steve, was getting Married to his longtime girlfriend and also good friend of mine, Carrie.  scary, but an event I just couldn't miss.  (mr. groom to my immediate right)

"Mossy oak" Camo vests and ties.  Serious style

Swapped out the truck while in Mich for somthing a bit more comfortable and friendly on the wallet when it comes to the crazy gas prices.  Maybe pics of the new beast to come.  Banner Elk has been in prime time summer mode since I've been back.  quiet, but you can't complain with dreamy temps and sunny skies.

Finally, the big news of the day... Jamie scored a solid top 20 result at the mountain bike world championships today!!!  Started DFL and worked her way up through the field for a very solid ride in the U23 women's race.  Awesome to see it work out well after watching her work so hard to make it there and then be ready to compete with the worlds best.  Congrats Jamie!!

Training, training and more training on the menu with maybe a local race here or there until I meet back up with the team at Cascade in early July.  Quite the change of pace from the race race race routine that i'm used to, but compared to last summer, I am living large and enjoying it! 

comment yo! 



Rock Star Lemonade !
Glad your rollin again.
Keep having fun !

Aram Dellalian said...

SWAPPED OUT THE TRUCK? That had to have been tough...

what became of the ninja turtles? and whatever else was on the dash......ahh. First the h-bomb, now this...

it's rough.

Anonymous said...

Nice work down south Brent! I was just hanging with Harry and Bunny at the retirement gig last night and wanted to day hey. How's things in NC/TN?

Anonymous said...

Good to to see the blog active, your fans like to know what is happening
with you. email me soon.


Anonymous said...

Brent! It's your broken leg buddy! I'm so psyched to see you back tearing it up again! Had my hardware out in December and am in better shape than ever and ready to tear it up this winter on the ice! I'll drop you an email sometime. Until then, I'm cheering for you --

Shannon V.