Saturday, May 17, 2008

And another one

No crashing for us today. Whew! Team rode well, and Alex rode like an
alien to lock up the k.o.m. Jersey as long as he finishes tomorrow.
Fighting almost all day in the pack. Not to the death, but enough to
keep it stressful. We got franced on for an hour or so. Danillo
flatted with 15 km to go so I gave him my wheel. Good to work on that
caravan riding stuff. Double day tomorrow. I've never been a fan of
two road races in one day. You tell these dudes they only have to ride
for 100km at a time and its pretty wacky how fast they can go.
Tonight's hotel is a hit so far. Our rooms are big enough for me to
completley open my suitcase!!

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Anonymous said...

Good job Brent. Only one more day (2 races), so hang in and do well.
Nice pic of you on the blogspot. I downloaded it. NO MORE ROAD RASH! OK? See you Monday

kacey said...

Keep up the good work mate!...I'm talking about the updated bloggind...haha...I guess you're doing alright with the racing too! Keep kickin it rock star!