Friday, May 16, 2008

Do you like baseball johny??

Kinda feels like I'm stepping up to the plate in the major leagues,
but have been playing more t-ball than hardball this season. Its
coming along though

Tour of picardie. Not my favorite part of france. Plenty of meat
wagons laying down the power here. Covered over 100 km in the first 2
hrs of racing.

Crashing sucks. Crashing because you hit a teamate who has also just
crashed is double whammy. I think I'm fine though. Guess that's what I
get for trying to help the boys mix it up in the sprint. Sketchy. Knee
is a little sore but other than that, just touched up the road rash
from romandie. Just building character, right?

Looking forward to the mitten next week. Check out...

Overcooked pasta. Mmhhhmmm

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Scott said...

nice smile