Thursday, May 01, 2008

Yea, really

Tour of romandie this week. No small feat, but a great opportunity.
Last year at this time I was on my back dreaming of racing again so
I'm doing my best to soak it up and make the most of the leg crushing
that's being dished out. A brief recap so far...

Progue: a whoppin 2km and I think the shortest race I've ever done. It
still hurt a plenty but was good for opening the legs and getting
easing into the racing from all the pre race hype.

Stage 1: ouch and brrrrrrr. Rain off and on all day and temps
dropping to near freezing at one point in the stage. I learned right
away that there are few flat roads in swiss land, felt like we were
goin up or down all day. But mostly up. Carried a few 30 lb. Rain
soaked jackets for the big dogs on the team and did what I could to
help. Limped in with the grupetto.

Stage 2: super ouch. A bit more flattish meaning we were only
climbing for 5 or 10 km at a time. Went alright until abou 60 km to go
when the pace started to pick up. I got tangled in a wreck and did my
first real pavement surfing of the year. Chased my brains out in the
caravan for about 20km but never could latch onto the pack. Went into
tt mode to make the time cut and finished 13 min. Down shatered.
Luckily the body seems to check out ok so far. Soreness and scrapes.
Props to ian for making the early break and scoring the team some tv

About halfway through but the hardest is still to come. Ill be
accepting donations in the form of leg power for the rest of the week
so send it on over.

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Dad said...

Good to see the blogspot active again, your fans missed it. Good thing i thought to check it again.

Good job is Switzerland. Hang in and finish well. Be safe


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If there's one blog that's worthy of some updatin' it's this one...Brent! HELLLLOO! Or perhaps you think you're Mr. Cyclingnews now. Velonews. GrahamWatson. That's great and stuff but we need updates bud. Tour of friggin' Romandie! Awesome. This is stuff we dream about. Come on! How about a play by play. The comeback kid. Stories. Gossip. The Euro scene scoop. What's it like to be on Klodens wheel?

Great to see you back at it at the highest level Brent. Have a fun and safe season.

Joe B. and Bell's Brewery/Quiring Team

Anonymous said...

What team are you on?

Brent Bookwalter said...

yea, really.

Thanks for the comments guys. joe, shoot me an email.

and, I'm on the BMC cycling team