Saturday, May 10, 2008

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Whoa, comments.  That deserves a bit of an update...

made it through Tour of Romandie.  Plenty of character building during over the week long race, but what an amazing event.   Scenery, competition, and the race in general were all top notch.  A few pics...

Hung out in Grenchen, Switzerland for a few days before the race.  I think this was the flattest road we rode the entire time i was there.  

As I mentioned before, race kicked off with a 2km prologue.  Take it from Nathan, you can in fact smash yourself from a 2km effort.  

Louder perfecting his prologue form on the trainer
Made it to foot of the Alps for the stage 3 tt.  
Amazing views on the big mountain day where we climbed almost 11,000 ft in just over 60 miles.  After full gas for the first couple hours of the race, I transformed into a grupetto superstar.   No easy way up a 20 km climb, but I limped my way to the finish and actually got to soak up some scenery.   

The rest of the epic terrain was taken in during transfers

After finishing up in Lausanne, I jumped in the car and headed to Luxembourg to meet up with my old homies on the national team.  Cool to kick it with them after missing much of last season.  They are tearing it up this year coming off some recent big results at Fleche du Sud.  Luxembourg was not a bad place to hang out.  Amazing weather and some really nice roads to ride.  
Also a few rare moments to relax and play tourist for an afternoon

The city of Viandan was probably one of the coolest euro cities I've checked out.  Check out our accommodations for the week!
Ok, just kidding, but we did take the time to check out this killer castle and force a little culture into our brains.  

Blast from the past, back to Izegem, Belgium for the moment and kicking it at the national team house.  Tour of Picardie is next weekend and then its back to the homeland for Tour de Leelanau.  More when I have it.

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