Thursday, January 29, 2009

Qatar facts, from jamie

Qatar has no income tax, and along with bahrain is the least-taxed
country in the world. also the has the highest per-capita, not part
of the arab emerates. also trying to get the 2016 olympics there.

Also, it takes 3 full travel days to get there from the USA when u
stop in swissland for a night. Kinda like getting leg massages for 3
days in a row, except the opposite.


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Anonymous said...

Qatar!! Bad Azz Brent. This is reeeeeaaaaal good stuff. I'll be keeping an eye on ya all season long buddy. Keep the updates a comin'. Congratulations. Your cycling friends back here in Michigan are proud of you.

I'll be in my cubicle if you need anything :)

Joe Brewchampski

Anonymous said...

Oops. Forgot this...

You know you've made it when you find yourself here;

Scroll through the images. #181!!

Keep it up Brent.