Monday, February 02, 2009

Crusty brown crouton town

that is from taylor, but I like it. A good way to describe this place.
I can't understand why people live here. Or why there is a bike race
here. I overheard at least 10 guys today talking about how ridiculous
it is. Stressful, dangerous. So much energy, such high winds,
dangerous roads at times. Rough way to start the year.

We all survived today. The neutral was bezerk, 50km/hr, over
threshold and guys taking risks. Chad jumped into the early move
which was surprisingly given a leash thanks to an early headwind.
Eventually we turned into crosswind and it blew to pieces.
Lots of nice scenery, meaning rubble, rocks, sand and desert. Guys
getting blown and pushed off the road. Real nice. Zberg made the 2nd
group. I think 14 guys went to the line to fight for the win. I got
gapped off the group I was in and slid back to tony, taylor and
jacksons group where everyone continued to fight eachother until
finally realizing it was futile, rolling to the line a ways after the
leaders. Like I said, we all made it thru safely.

More of the same tomorrow.....

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