Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Why can't we be friends...

Another stressful, tense day in sand land. Team worked well together
and all stayed out of trouble which is more than can be said for a
handful of the guys. 2 more days. Good news is that I think we've
ridden every road in the country, so we know what were getting. The
bad news is that we know what we are getting and that is a nice set of
junk roads in insane wind which all looks EXACTLY the same. Whooop.

Thanks for the comments....

Food has been decent. The accomodations are actually the main redeemer
of the trip. Pretty normal stuff with a few "regional" options. Buffet
style. Trying to save as many pasta matches as possible for the rest
of the season.

Pics to come. Internet here is like 30 bones/day so the dingleberry is
my main source of sanity preservation.

And yes. PMA.

Ma' al Salama

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Grand Rapids Bicycle Co. said...

Bookwalter! So are you going to win a camel or something cool to bring back to the states?? Now that would be a cool trophy. Brian says we could make it a shop pet... I'm amazed that you've updated your blog more than once a month.

k & b

p.s. brian wants his trainer... Now!

Connie said...

brian, we will get you your trainer, or come for dinner and get it, 262-0094, yes i hope brent brings a camel home, that would be the best trophy, I Love You Brent,
Mom and all your GR fans!

Connie said...

hey brian and all you big cyclists, go to the sand land and ride, then you will appreciate your job!

Noah and Jillian Schwander said...

I asked you to bring me a camel home several posts if anyone is first in line to get a Camel from is ME! I think the alpacas would really enjoy having a big brother camel around. Anyway, sounds like the race is pretty rough there. Glad you are surviving. Would love to see pictures of this trip!


Anonymous said...

Nice job out there today Brent. You're right on Boonen's heals.

Have a safe trip outta there.

Happy Friday!

Joe Bski

BVDG said...

nice ride bro! that race looks epic hard...