Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hi, my name is Brent

And I made it through my last block of racing with no blog updates.
Blitzed through my first belgian races of the year. Spent a whopping
10 days across the pond the first week in March and have since been
recovering, training and hangin at home. Spring has arrived and the
weather has been downright dreamy for my past couple easy days.
Downside is that everything is blooming and flowering. Especially the
mucous factory in my head. Allergy mania!

Out to Cali today for San Dimas and Redlands. Then back to chatt for a
week before heading back to europe. Looks like I will get my first go
at the big nasty which is paris-roubaix. Oi! Exciting that BMC got
the invite to such a prestigous race. One of those races I remember
watching as a kiddo in my mountain bike days. Gonna be wild and

BMC boys got a good roll going last weekend with Chad Beyer winning
the Tour of Murrieta. Looking forward to keeping that flow going the
next two weekends. Gonna be fun to hit dan dimas since its been a
while since I've done that one.

For now, its back to the airport slog. Wholesome fun for thw whole family!

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jbhancock said...

CONGRATS on the bid for Roubaix!

Anonymous said...

Good job in calif, update soon??