Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I like to think I look forward, while also being mindful to the
past.... 2 years ago today was my belgian lightpole encounter. Amazing
to think all I've learned and worked through since then. I'm really
fortunate and blessed to be where I'm at today. Speaking of which.....

Arrived in belgium today and made the drive over to northern France in
preperation for the big dance with the old ugly lady who is
"Paris-Roubaix" this sunday. Really exciting to think I'm gonna be
part of such a historical and massive race. Its a big step for BMC to
get invited, and an honour for me to be representing the team here. I
have no doubt that it will be a brutally twisted day, but I don't
think you would find many cyclists out there who would decline the
chance to have a go at it. Gonna check out a few of the cobble sectors
the next few days and will hopefully have a few reports.

Pre- PR trip, all has been well. We had a great weekend in Redlands a
couple weeks ago with Louder bagging the overall, the team really
rising to the occasion to defend and also bagging 2 stage wins along
the way. A big personal highlight being part of it. Looking forward to
more of those.

France equals lame internet, so phone update means no picks. Check out for a few great galleries from redlands.

For those social networking junkies out there, I caved in and caught
the "twitter" bug. Easy way to toss out some quick updates while on
the road, so follow me at

More from the "hell of the north" this week.
Wham bam

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Jay Belmont said...

As I just said on twitter, after riding the crummy Michigan roads all your life, cobbles ought to be no big deal. Good luck Sunday, the West MI faithful will be watching! (and stalking via twitter)

Connie said...

you have gone thru so much since your accident in belgium, stay strong, you are our inspiration,

Connie said...

I Love you Brent, Stay strong, whatever i will always love you

sidrom said...

Great TT at the Dauphine. Looks like you and BMC are moving in the right direction for a Tour de France bid. Can't wait to hear about your experience there. -Dave Mordis (Belmont) PS Hope to ride with you again at Speed Merchants