Wednesday, May 31, 2006

jed, dorthy and the cats

we made it back to Richmond, VA for the second year in a row for the Captech classic which takes place on the hilly downtown streets tomorrow night. The drive out was long and i did my best to help out our mechanic BenO by sleeping a good bit so he could focus on all the driving. Good work Ben!!!

Jake and i are staying in the same host house as last year which is working out well. Jed and Dorty are a great young couple who have taken us in this year and last. tonight they let me borrow the keys to one of their cars to roll over to a neighboring suberb to see Clara! its only a been a week since she left MI but i gotta say i've been missin her a bunch and it was great to see her and get to spend a little time together before we get crackin at the racing tomorrow.

rode today with a few of the guys. not a bad one, just bloody hot! I'm workin on my new state of the art weather machine so we should be seeing pleasant temps and sunny skies in no time.

once again i've gone lame with the pics. no new ones bu t here's a shot from the last school assembly we did while i was back home.

captech tomorrow evening. probably one of the hardest crits all season. a dandy of a hill which provides for some solid selection. last year it was sorta a breakout race for our teamm as far as how we went about getting a result so hopefully we can pick up where we left off. the boys are lookin fit and everyone is psyched to get rollin!

oh! check out and watch the "shop talk" clip from collegiate nats. some good recognition for collegiate cycling and some kind words from the best announcer in the buisiness, Dave Towle.

enough for now. if your lookin for more updates, be sure to head over to Jake the Snake's website. he's been doing daily updates on the happenings around here.

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