Sunday, May 07, 2006

signed, sealed, delivered

finally done with my 8th and hopefully 2nd to last semester of college. the exam week was a bit rough but i'm done and one step closer to getting that rad piece of paper which will declare me an "educated" and potentially contributing member to society. whoo hoo!

I've been celebrating in fine fassion. sleeping in till 11 and going about the day with nothing that even comes close to resembling a schedule. I dig it. riding has been mellow to help the body recover from the school stress and the hectic race schedule the past few weeks. here's a few training action shots.

No racing this weekend, but I did race Friday night in Spartenburg, SC at a criterium which is part of the US crit series. It was great to see the crit crew on our team that didn't do shanendoah. the course was a narrow, .5 mile action packed rectangle which meant we were treated to a mind numbing 70 laps. To top things off, it was raining and very wet! not the kinda race i get really psyched for, but i was looking forward to opening the legs up a bit after a few easy days after shanendoah. Once we got rolling, it wasn't all that bad. the wet roads actually served to keep things interesting and a little more singled out. my legs felt fairly peachy and i gave a go at a few moves early on, soon realizing that a couple of the other big teams weren't into the breakaway thing. from there i just tried to keep it safe and in good position. had a fun front flat tire with about 12 to go, but got back in there and did my best to get back up front to help Rich in the sprint. we couldn't quite latch onto eachother among the chaos of the final laps but we both punched it in for top 10's. me in 8th and rich right there in 10th.

All of boys seem to be riding good and are getting their race legs back after not doing any racing since the cali stint. We're still working the details out on getting organized in these flat and fast bunch kicks, but i'm sure we'll put it together before too long. I think we're in good shape heading into the next block of races. we're a bit behind on the actual racing this year since we didn't get to do tour of cali or tour of georgia, but eventually its gonna pay off as i'm sure many of the teams are starting to get a bit tired this time of year. We have a full book of matches and we're going to lightin them up very very soon!!

the LMC crew is heading out to Kansas on Tuesday for collegiate road nationals. my last collegiate road nats so hopefully they turn out to be a rockin time with some swell racing. Our team is looking great and i think everyone is ready to rip it. You never know what is gonna happen at collegiate nats. its probably one of the weirdest races ever. 100 or so riders and hardly any of them have ever raced against eachother, especially in a situation where each team only is allowed to race 4 riders per event. makes for an interesting and somewhat challanging dynamic where some pretty odd things can happen, but we're all excited and ready to give it a go. TTT on friday, RR sat and Crit on Sun. Wish us luck!

ciao for now


Clara said...

i'll comment on yours if you'll comment on mine!!

I loooove you :)

iamTedKing said...

Sorry Brent, I don't love you, but I'll comment on yours if you comment on mine!!

Later homes. Good luck at collegiate nats

joe1265 said...


Good luck at Natz!

You gonna come back to Michigan for the Tour of Kensington Valley,
( Saturday, May 20th and maybe school the home-state homies on how to race a bike????

Hope to see you there!

Huck said...

Oi Brent...! I love you, so here is a comment: nice one bro. Love from Tommy - see you soon mate

jbhancock said...

Hey Brent it's Brian probably don't remember me because back when I raced you were busy killing me at the Chicago Supercup as well as other MI cross races like 5 years ago. Anyway, I'm getting back into it this year and saw your sweet results at Cross nat's and the collegiate TTT this past weekend. Anyway, good luck!

Clara said...

see all this love i started?

Thor said...

Oy Brent! Great job at Nats - way to crush them into submission Meister General! oh, and xoxoxo.

Went said...

my nieghbors are blasting crazy frog right now- i know you probably dont care but i do know you really love that tune...