Tuesday, May 23, 2006


There's no way to recap all that has happened since my last update. I've had quite the break fromt he blogging world, but for good reason. since my last post i've raced collegiate nationals and made it back to MI. I'm sure you've all seen the report from nationals so i'll spare you the reading.

MI has been A ok. "A" ok beacuse i convinced my main squeeze Clara to come back with me. i think she was a little overwhelmed at the thought of venturing to the amazing state of Michigan since she had never been there, but she's takin to it quite well and it has been GREAT to be with her after the mayham of finals and collegiate racing has subsided.

aside from catching up on sleep and getting a bit of rest, i'm doing a few gigs with Priority Health. last week Wed. and tomorrow.... school assemblies. we get to talk to little kids about being active, eating healthy and all that good stuff. after our school time tomorrow its straight back to GR for some Grattan racing action.

pics and more updates to come

ciao for now


Scott said...

So I somehow managed to lose your email address already, so ill just write u on here. My first race is tomorrow, Hasselt Spa Hasselt, I was talkin to Luigi and he said its gonna be super hard, it supposed to be like 170k and windy as hell with maybe some cobbles and some hard rollers, def. not flat I heard. It should be interesting

Went said...

hey are you going to be at hartford this weekend i see those two king guys on your team are going to be

Anonymous said...