Tuesday, June 06, 2006

good, bad, worst and ok

another entry for die hard "brent bookwalter" fans. no pictures once again, just the report.

we're finally settled into a place which we'll stay for more then a day. the past few days have been crazy to say the least. ups and downs as usual but i have to say more downs in this stretch. we went into the CSC invitational thinking it couldn't get much worse then captech, but it did.

Good: We started the race off great. Everyone got into good position early and was looking strong. After Brad Huff of Tiaacreff escaped solo only a few laps in, Glen put in a hard attack, and continued to string out the pack once caught. as soon as he let up, i hit it HARD! and got a gap right away, bridging to Huff. We instantly went to work and before too long had built a 20 second gap. That early in the race i really wasn't thinking we would stay away long, at least without being joined by more riders, but we were making a good go at it. later we were joined by another punk, who's name i will not mention because i really don't think too much of him after his childish behavior then ensued. anyway, we kept hammering away and byt his time i was getting a bit wacked.

Bad:i sat on a bit trying to recover and just as i was starting to pull through again i ate it. thats right. crashed! and that was it. game over.

Robbie and Teddy rode strong to finish solid, in a destroyed field of only 25 or so.

Worst: Aside from my tumble, Eddy and Rich also went down, both ending up in the hospital. Rich with a schnazzy 15 stitches in his chin. Eddy with a broken pelvis. thats right kids. that big bone that holds your legs in place. not good. the team sure is gonna miss Eddy int he coming weeks, not just on the bike but as a friend on the road as well.

So So: Lancaster was yesterday. 90 miles of brutal ups, downs and accelerations. my body was a bit thrashed from the day before. riding in break and crashing are both hard on the body, but i was set to give it a go and see how i felt. i made the selection to the last lap, then dumped my front wheel into a pothole and cracked it. Knowing a wheel change at that point was impossible, I fumbled with my front brake enough to get the wheel to clear through, but in doing so I lost all my position for the most crucial part of the course. Gaps started to form and I cramped myself and soon found myself off the back with a group of others. I surfed through the caravan for a bit, then rode it in.

Hopefully we’ve hit our quota for “hard luck” days and will be on the up now. With such a young team we should be growing and improving every race.

Time to go motor pace off a few amish horse and buggys.


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