Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sheedy Wins!

day 1 of Fitchburg today. 6 mile TT, kinda rolling but mostly uphill. my teamate and good friend Brian Sheedy SMOKED it! he was starting to really look lean and mean at tour de beauce and it appears he's got that last extra bit he needed after a few days of rest and then winning the MI state time trial championships this past weekend. Great win for the team and really awesome to see Brian put in a good ride. 8th place for me. felt alright out there, but definitley some solid room for improvment. Today made me realize how much Mark and Ben help us at races. We're all pulling mechanic/director duties this week as well as racing our bikes. Good thing we're all such great teamates :) Circuit race tomorrow. word on the streets is that its a toughy. wish us luck!


jojo said...

Brent it is Jo...I'm sooo happy for everyone. Please post some pics that I can swipe for my website. Way to go. I don't know anything about blogging how do i send you a regular old email??? well here is mine uh oh looks like i have to sign up for something...lets see if i have the patience.

jojo said...

yeah it is me again well now i have a blog but my website is a bit more refined go to

You boys are up under justaboutjo under the drop down list for jos diary. i posted stuff long before blogging ya. so scroll down.

i miss you guys. please say hi to ben and the rest of the gang.

i think i have a blog site now don't ask jojogames22 something?
cya oh and if you do the aim thing i'm jojogames then again maybe it is jojogames22 (can't remember try both ill add ya to my list)

baltoscott said...

Wow, what a great start. Sounds like your team is really on the verge of running the table. Have fun throwin' down.

joseph said...

please, for the love of God, don't let that little tird, stefano "the bitch" barbari, beat you in the points sprint. i don't care for him at all.

he had a photo of you on his myspace profile. he was making an obscene gester with his hands behind you.

i don't care for him or his little retarded slutty girlfriend!

sorry to be so negative, but it's been eating me up inside, then i saw the points results at fitch and had to say something...

joseph said...

Btw, you guys rock. great results, teamwork, and dedication. very impressive. go team priority health!

Brent Bookwalter said...

thanks for the support gang!

Joseph, glad to hear we have a fan like you for our team. i never saw that pic of stefano's. maybe all in good fun?

Clara said...

don't worry babe...i did some scientific research. As it turns out, the results show that I am indeed 10% hotter than this guy's g/f. so no worries.


Stay wonderful and finish up tommorrow strong!!! I'm thinking of you hun and miss you

stefano said...

what up Brent? nice website. glad to see i have fans all over. this little florida kid is pretty funny, cant stop laughting!!! should i put it in my resume that i won some sprint point at fitchburg? but hey dont wanna ruin your site, just wanted to say nice ride this week.
hit me up on the myspace thing

Lampshade said...

Hey man,

Congrats on your finish at Fitchburg. That is really impressive. Good luck at Nats!