Friday, October 27, 2006


Its been a while and I've realized that I'm "un dun." It's time to end the blogging off season. Not to be alarmed though, the proper "off season" is still in full effect. No use in doing a full backtrack of the last month. A boat load of radness has happened as well as a few roundhouse kicks to my face, the main one of those being the return to school. Should be my last semester though and overall it has been going alright. I've managed to dabble in a bit of colleigate mountain biking and that has been great for the sanity levels. Road racing in Europe to Mountain biking witha bunch of college kids. Biggest contrast ever but one of the best if you ask me. Last weekends collegiate nats in NM was likely my last. Can't help but being a little sad and bummed about that, but it is about time to take another step. Its great knowing that the team is headed in a dominating direction and has a hot set of young, up and coming riders to throw it down and turn heads.

Sheedys bday. he got beat up by a girl ...................Saxton rockin with fine style

Get ready. 18 miles. 5000 ft. of climbing Kevin H. MVP

scott got a concusion in Florida.
The LMC convoy starting the 30 hr. drive back to NC
Jesse pooped his pants
not my best race. but a fun one. scope the new kit.

ciao for now


Huck said...

wicked Brentmeister, i nearly stopped reading the blog, glad you're still alive and kicking mate! stay cool bro!

BlackBird Images, Inc. said...

Hi Brent,

The Tour of Shenandoah has become the Tour of Virginia, and they asked me to help create their event proposal for next year. A photo of you takes up one of the pages - if you'd like a low-res copy send me an e-mail ( so I'll and I'll send it to you.