Saturday, February 11, 2006

nice donkey

I met two ass' today. nice little fellas.
the drive pavement of yesterday was brutally destroyed last night as the snow and slush began to fall. by this morning it was full on winter and time to saddle up on the mountain bike for a backroad excursion. solo. pleasant and peaceful climbs on snow covered dirt roads, as well as a few miserable and wet pavement descents. brrrr, those were cold but it brought me back to those days when i used to train in the MI winter. i'm not sure how i did that. anyway, here are a few pics from today.

the slush tried to eat me, but i managed to escape.

now thats better...
sweet place for a chimney.
i was getting sorta warm, so i stopped for a swim here
one for the mom..
are you buzz lightyear??


Garrett Peltonen said...

Nice Ass!

Garrett Peltonen said...

Hope things are going well and that you are staying warm......look forward to seeing you at the races this season also.