Tuesday, February 21, 2006

a week

another week, another series of mostly usual events. Last Thursday was a totally rad day. primo weather and a long ride that allowed me to get a nice set of sunburned arms! yea, i know my fair skin self shouldn't be jumping up and down because my skin always burns to a crisp, but we're talking February! the pic doesn't do it justice, these were some bomb tanlines by brent bookwalter Feb. standards!

My bday was also this past thursday, the BIG 22. Thanks a bunch for everyone that called, wrote, posted and sent their bday wishes to me. spent a little time this past weekend doing combined bday celebrating for me, my roomate Jesse and Teamate Wes, all who are having their cake day this month. speaking of cake, my girlfriend made me a rockin dirt cake and even put it in a flower pot with flowers!

It seems like everyone on campus is sick, the plague must be going around. i'm staying clear as best i can hoping to dodge it. school has been wicked hard too! Chem test and zoology test in a 2 day period. my brain is mush. Just about done with the "base" phase of my training. for the most part its went well and i've made some solid progress, but i am psyched to get racing. I thikn i'm gonna give er a go this weekend in Greenville, SC at a couple of RR's. A BIG congrats to my teamates who brought home the first victory for the "Priority Health" cycling team this past weekend at the Valley of the Sun Stage race in Arizona. Our new man, Tom Zirbel took home the TT stage win and overall honors! A few more weeks and i'll be out in Cali rippin it with them for a solid block of the early NRC races. Giddy up.

I hope everyone's been reading up and or watching the Tour of California race coverage. Sounds like a top notch race with a wicked deep field. Good luck to my bud Taylor who is 3rd right now in the best young rider comp.

i'll try to post the first race report type post, after this weekend.