Monday, March 06, 2006

more red

i know the main feature of my last post was "burn lines" but i got a couple more dandys this past weekend and wanted to share them with all those important people who read this. i've been hearing that the tan, golden bronze stuff is the look of the past and this summer, red skin is in!!!! i hope i can balancec cycling with all that skin modeling i'll be doing.

where did i aquire these beautys? Greenville, SC. i ventured down there with the collegiate team for my 2nd weekend of racing this season. no earth shattering results on the weekend. Sat. i raced with my sole southeast priority health teamate, Eddy Hilger. Eddy rode like an animal. just a lap into the racei helped launch him into a break that stuck almost all day. Eddy ended up holding the field off solo until 1 lap to go. I countered hard upon his catch and got away with a nice but scared group who wouldn't work it with me. it came back just before the finishing climb. Eddy gave me a solid leadout, but i jumped into the headwind rise too quick and ran out just short of the line, slipping back to 5th. one of my collegiate bros Ed Burress came in just behind in 6th. I need some work on that sprint, but all is well. that was about my 4th day of the season with that lactic acid stuff in my legs, it should only get better from here. here's a action pic of mr. hilger in the break.

Sunday I raced a crit on the BMW test track in Greenville. rode with the other cat 1/2 riders on my collegiate team. they are looking good and it was nice to be back flyin the green and gold LMC colors with them. a flat and fast course alomst 4 lanes wide proved anything but ideal for break aways, but i was persistant in trying to shake it up and get some intensity in my legs that will hopefully help for the next couple weekends. Finally with about 15 min. to go, i escaped with one other rider. For the next couple laps i dropped the hammer to establish a bit of a gap. my companion was giving me what he had but i definitley coulda used a bit more as i charged like a bull through the headwind everylap, only to have him come through and decrees speed in the tailwind while i quickly caught my breath before taking another charge. back in the pack, team Nerac/outdoor lights (the only full pro team there) had their full team of 12 or so riders on the front aiming to pull us back. my time trial effort came to a dissapointing end with one lap to go as the pack swooped in on us preparing for the sprint. a bit of a bummer to get caught but also refreshing to have put in a good effort and also see that almost the entire nerac team had been blown to bits in pulling us back. with only 1 lap to go, i did my best to retain position. i found one of the newest and strongest additions to our collegiate team, scott Jackson, and did my best to bring him into the first few wheels of the race as we entered the final corners. scott had a nice finishing kick and ended up 6th. kudos to the rest of my collegiate team as well for a solid weekend of USCF racing. this spring should be a good one.

back to school today. ugh. only 2 more days and i'll be headin out to Cali to finally assemble with the full Priority Health team. from the sounds of it they are all rippin out there already so it will be great to join them. I'll be sure to check in from the west coast.

addio for now.

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Clara said...

Knee warmer burns are all the rage right now in Milan. How fast can you have your bags packed?? :)